Two sides of the same coin?

Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow described

I asked people in my Facebook group how they would describe me. Bit dangerous. How would two different people see the same trait? Armed with this information and knowing how I have been described over the years I thought I’d have a look at myself….

Some say I’m tactless…  others say I’m honest and straightforward.

Some say I’m hyperactive … others say I’m energetic.

Some people say I’m bossy … others say I’m authoritative.

Some say I’m loquacious… others say I’m never short for words.

Some say I’m vexatious … others say I’m determined

Some say I’m bloody-minded … others say I’m principled.

Some say I’m mean … others say I have integrity.

Some say I’m pernickety … others say I’m meticulous.

Some say I’m eccentric … others say I’m entertaining.

Some say I’m overbearing … others say I’m masterful.

Some say I’m abrupt others say I’m efficient.

Some say I’m scatterbrained others say I’m a multi-tasker.

Some say I’m random others say I’m creative.

Some say I’m controversial … others say I tell it how it is.

Some say I’m loud … others say I’m very loud.

Some say I ask difficult questions … others say I ask the right questions.

Some say I have no sense of direction … and they would be right.

Are these just two sides of the same coin? 

silver embossed coin face of Helen Dewdney silver embossed coin face of Helen Dewdney




How do different people look at you and describe the same traits?


I don't complain all the time...Or do I??



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