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Virgin on the ridiculous – UKTV dropped. Your RIGHTS!

Virgin Media packages your rights

Update 12/08/18 Virgin Media and UKTV reached an agreement. So well done to those who followed my advice and got a discount! BONUS!!!

What’s going on with Virgin Media packages?

On Thursday 19 July 2018 Virgin quietly released a statement on its website. It announced that it would be removing Drama, Really, Yesterday, Home, Gold, W, Alibi, Dave, Eden and Good Food. This includes +1 and HD channels, as well as On Demand and TV Go content.

The situation seems to have arisen because of  a failure by Virgin Media and UKTV to reach an agreement on fees to be charged for the television content that UKTV provides to Virgin Media customers.

Eagle eyed customers took to social media to vent their frustration. JayBird summed up most people’s comments in both her original tweet to VirginMedia and her reply which did not get an answer.

What did Virgin Media say?

Questions regarding cancelling the contract and getting a reduction in the price people are currently paying were met with the same statement and link or blanked.

I challenged VirginMedia and got the following response:

So what can you do about the change in virgin Media Packages that you have paid for?

I disagree with Virgin Media’s tweet. People wanting to cancel the contract should be able to do so. When consumers signed up to the package it included UKTV. If UKTV is removed from the bundle it is not the bundle they paid for under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Virgin’s Terms and Conditions state that it can, at any time modify, amend or alter the terms of the agreement and/or the services if: “We decide that the services should be altered for reasons of quality of service or otherwise for the benefit of customers or, our reasonable opinion, it is necessary to do so;”

I am not impressed. This could be considered an unfair contract term, as it is weighed in favour of the company. Who decides if the channels replacing UKTV are better quality? Offering Murder She Wrote rather than the award winning TaskMaster – about to enter its seventh series – is questionable! (If you haven’t see in it you are missing out, it is THE funniest programme on telly).

If consumers are unhappy with the new bundle and want to change or end their current contract without any penalties I advise writing to Virgin Media and stating that it is in breach of contract under the Consumer Rights Act. This and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations both protect consumers from unfair contracts. You should not be out of pocket and so any refund should be backdated to the date of the change so long as you notify Virgin Media within a reasonable time.

You could also email  Virgin Media’s CEO. He won’t respond personally but hey let’s fill up the inbox with hundreds of emails requesting a refund or cancellation! Virgin Media CEO contact details (and any other CEO for that matter!) As a Virgin Media customer for many many years I can tell you that  the Executive Office aint good! But keep at it!

I am hearing of lots of people who can’t get through on the ‘phone. You do not need to so this. It would be an unfair contract term to say you can only cancel by phone. There would be no evidence if you want to take the matter further or proof that Virgin Media made the offer it did. To say nothing of saving you time. Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively

Some people are not getting discount some are. Some people are getting out of their contracts penalty free some aren’t. My guess is that the people who are winning are quoting consumer law. Make sure you are armed.

Mixed results from people who are ringing Virgin (see the comments under the blog post!) But! People who are following the advice above are getting good results, so do it!

FB post - complained to CEO weekly discount for year FB post terminate contract for free or £3 a month reduction

Contact Trading Standards to report Virgin Media

You can also report Virgin Media for this breach through CAB. Enough people do that perhaps we can get them fined as well! Just copy and paste stuff from here or simply send the link, it gives the law breach and their stance. (Unless you write and quote your rights!)

Ofcom and Virgin Media

Ofcom also now says could be considered unfair contract term and is in discussions with Virgin Media. So mention this when you negotiate with Virgin Media too.



Update 23 July 2018

26/07/18 In a statement to me UKTV said:

“UKTV ratings have been down by 4% since we’ve been off Virgin Media, and we’ve had thousands of viewers telling us that they’re in the process of switching to other providers so they can continue to watch our channels. We’d love to thank our viewers for all of their support.”

Taskmaster and Virgin Media

Currently the best programme on tv.  A spokesperson for @TaskmasterUnoff  (the Twitter account set up by the makers of the programme before the official account was set up by UKTV/DAVE) said “4 million customers have the bundle so that’s 4 million potential viewers down.”

4 million!!!

Virgin Media comment on their package fiasco

I asked Virgin Media press office for a comment. It refused to provide one.

Didn’t get a response to this either:

There’s a petition against Virgin Media too!

Warnings about taking a reduction in package cost with Virgin Media

Also be careful if you go for a price reduction. Look through the offer carefully:

Also be warned. The scammers were quick off the mark:

How will new Virgin Media customers be affected?

How’s that for misleading consumers? Those who sign up for UKTV tonight (Saturday 21 July 2018) find that they don’t have it? Oh yes breach of consumer law! Feel free to copy and report to the Advertising Standards Authority.

ITV and Virgin Media problems

Looks like could be an issue with ITV programmes too. Virgin Media could lose ITV programmes in long-running dispute. 

Certainly the same legal rights and what you should do apply.

28 July 2018 last minute deal has been signed to  keep ITV on Virgin Media for 3 years.

Greg Davies Alex Horne Taskmaster on tv on wall

More help with complaining effectively

Want help writing that complaint? See Top 20 tips for complaining effectively.

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7 replies on “Virgin on the ridiculous – UKTV dropped. Your RIGHTS!”

Not happy with Virgin,been with them for years. Paid a fortune,and now they take away channels just like a clip of a finger. We cannot cancel as fast. Are we getting a refund? Or do we have to go to another company?

Pay the fees for ukt v or give me a refund on my package , as all the ,new, channels are already listed elsewhere in the tv guide.

It’s not only Customers losing out here. Unfortunately Virgin Media aren’t just ignoring Customers they are also ignoring the Staff that have to sit and try and defend Virgins decision to not invest in UKTV. I work in the Retention Team and we are all just as frustrated as Customers are at the lack of communication we are getting. Also we earn our commission which is a massive part of our earnings based on retaining Customers. As you can imagine this is proving an almost impossible task at the moment and most people are around 20-30% below target. You would think that due to this being Virgin Medias fault that they would protect their hard working Staffs commission, instead they are basically making us all take a hit on commission as they feel we aren’t trying hard enough to retain these Customers who have now clearly had enough! It’s been beyond stressful working in this place the last few days and all the “top bosses” are nowhere to be seen. So to sum it up, Customers lose the channels and Staff get hit in the pockets for what I can only describe as a Virgin Media balls up! I’ve been loyal to Virgin as a Customer and an Employee for a very long time but I am finding it very difficult now to promote there services and defend there actions.

I have been on cable for 30 years with Bell Cablemedia, Cable and Wireless, NTL and finally Virgin Media. Not once have I ever had cause for complaint. I pay Virgin an arm and a leg for them to provide services. Now unbidden they remove UKTV and now there is a threat of losing ITV’s services. What next? The channels replacing UKTV are not in any sense a replacement. What utter contempt the new management must have for its customers, its staff and its various agents. This company seems set on commercial suicide. I am giving the company one month to sort out this nonsense, Failure to do so will mean I’m off! I now have to watch my favourite programmes on the three free to air TVs around the house. What on earth am I paying my fees for? Have the lunatics taken over the asylum? What am I to expect? Will I lose my various sports channels to be replaced with tiddlewinks from Reyjavik?

Oh me too! Well, the been with for all those years and take overs bit. Still have the NTL email address for personal email. Blimey there are probably adults working in VM who wonder what NTL is. Not “me too” for the cause for complaint though. Taken VM to CISAS 3 times and won each time, obviously! I don’t even have TV with them now. UKTV only channel I watch thank God for Freeview! Please do follow advice above and please let me know how you get on?!!

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