Warning! Listen to Radio 5 at Your Own Risk!!

So, Watchdog called. They wanted me to talk about the Tesco court case but the date was too late for filming, The One Show called researching whether social media would take over how we complain. I said it wouldn’t, because anything more complicated than “This item in my delivery was rubbish” or “Why is the train late?” can’t be listed in a 140 character tweet! Then there are the companies which delete posts on their Facebook pages! I believe there is a place for embarrassing poor companies and certainly I use Twitter to spread a message (I think over a 100 rt’s on Tesco case shows that!) but as for actual resolution it will always have to be more than social media although it is a tool. They showed a piece on complaining but really it was a lean towards obtaining information (such as why is the train late – that doesn’t get you money back from complaining!) and/or having to use another tool as well. The researcher was nice though, she emailed me to say thank you for my time and sorry they couldn’t feature The Complaining Cow this time. That level of politeness is more than I get from some people who shall remain nameless, for the time being…

Then… then Radio 5 emailed me…… I spoke to Charlotte the producer. What a nice woman, liked her, could have chatted for hours! Would have got her more redress than she got for a complaint she had recently! Anyway, I digress… asked me to go on their midnight show… not as a guest to waffle a bit. NO!!! As an EXPERT!!! Paid work! Like a proper job! Does that make me a professional complainer?! Oh the knives will come out now won’t they?! Yeah well watch out for the next post, it’s not about complaining for the sake of it, it’s about the principle of the thing and your legal rights!

So, not been on telly, not been on a radio, never been called an expert in anything… except idiocy perhaps, or talking for England maybe. The email came in on my ‘phone just five minutes before I met my good friend Sue for lunch. Now, Sue is lovely. Sue is wise, Sue is calm, Sue was CEO of a regional charity for 25 years, Sue knows stuff, Sue was my mentor in my last full time job, Sue always put my work emails into tactful language (a favourite phrase of mine was “Yes Helen, you are right but if you ever want to work in Essex again I suggest you rephrase it like this…”) Sue is sensible, Sue has been on the radio lots. So a perfect person to chat with when I got the email.

Me: I’m worried that I could do some damage!
Sue: What damage could you do?
Me: Say something really stupid!
Sue: Like what?
Me: Call people fools or say that people at Tesco were idiotic and get sued or something!
Sue: (Thinks) No, I think it’s okay if you do that
Me: Lots of “In my opinion!” But you know me I am a loose cannon!
Sue: (Thinks hard, serious face) No, (pause) no, I think you will be all right. I don’t think you can do any damage.

Then we got into gossip about ex colleagues and some of that I certainly won’t write down!!

So, Radio 5 23rd October midnight. Call in and get some free advice or listen in and be there when the station blows up or all the sound goes off when I’ve pressed the wrong button or spill tea over everything or I have a major argument with someone or I forget how to speak and become speechless for the first time in my life!

Wish me luck?!

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4 thoughts on “Warning! Listen to Radio 5 at Your Own Risk!!”

  1. Good luck Helen – I know you will be great!

    Maybe do another blog post and put the date and time in the title – not complaining just saying I could hardly see it!!

    1. Aw bless you thanks! You don’t know me though so I fear you have no real knowledge of the damage I could do or the silly things I could say…

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