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Media Coverage Date
BBC Georgy Tonight Airline delays 14/03/17
BBC Radio Surrey Heathrow ambassadors 28/02/17
Daily Mail Heathrow ambassadors 27/02/17
BBC Radio Wales ‘phone in, complaining advice 21/02/17
Channel 5 News Complaining 15/02/17
BBC Radio H & W Complaining 15/02/17
ITV News Complaining 15/02/17
BBC Radio Scotland Customer service/complaining 15/02/17
BBC Breakfast British and complaining 15/02/17
BHBN Radio EE fine 08/02/16
BBC Radio Kent Rail delays 01/02/2017
BBC Radio 4 You & Yours Rail delays 27/01/2017
BBC News online ‘Young consumers ‘expect better service’ 23/01/2017
BBC Radio Tees and BBC Radio WM ‘Customer complaints figures 20/01/2017
Radio Stoke ‘phone in consumer rights 12/01/2017
Radio Tees Reviews 12/01/2017
The Sun The January Saves 12/01/2017
BBC1 The One Show Gift cards 10/01/2017
BBC Radio Essex Gift cards 03/01/2017
BBC Radio London Gift cards 01/01/2017
Victoria Derbyshire Black Friday 26/11/2016
Talk Radio Julia Hartley-Brewer Black Friday 25/11/2016
GNS (2 hrs various BBC radio stations) Vodafone fine 26/10/2016
The Observer Got a customer complaint? Take it up with the CEO 18/09/2016
Tesco The Complaining Cow interviews Tesco bosses 15/09/2016
Cabinet Maker magazine In Dispute 07/09/2016
BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine When customer serving staff argue between themselves 26/08/2016
BBC Hereford and Worcs Holidays 17/08/2016
BBC Business online Why you can’t keep online order freebies 14/08/2016
BBC Radio WM Receipts 29/07/2016
LBC Complaining about holidays 20/07/2016
BBC Radio WM Complaining 19/07/2016
Radio Stoke Social media and complaining 06/07/2016
BBC Breakfast Social media and complaining 06/07/2016
BBC Radio 4 Moneybox Vodafone billing issues 08/06/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live Consumer hour Consumer issues 02/06/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live Wake up to Money Financial Ombudsman figures 26/05/2016
BBC Radio Berkshire Secondary ticket selling 25/05/2016
BBC Radio Surrey Roaming Charges 24/05/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live Daily Roaming Charges 23/05/2016
LBC Airline charges 16/05/2016
BBC Radio Tees Tipping 03/05/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live Daily Complaining about holidays 02/05/2016
BBC Radio 5 Wake up to Money High Street 29/04/2016
Radio Leeds Clubcard loyalty schemes 26/04/2016
The Telegraph Tesco customers “gutted” as supermarket scraps popular double Clubcard points scheme 26/04/2016
Yours magazine How to Complain 26/04/2016
LBC Nick Ferrari Misleading prices 19/04/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio WM, BBC Radio Tees Panasonic tv story 13/04/2016
Mail Online Panasonic refuses to fix couple’s broken £800 42-inch flat-screen TV 13/04/2016
The Express Expert reveals what you NEED to know when making a holiday complaint 12/04/2016
The Mirror Tesco tells angry Sainsbury’s customers: ‘We’ll take your Brand Match vouchers’ 11/04/2016
Fabulous, The Sun Money Saving article 09/04/2016
Prima Your Money Excuses Busted May edition out in April
BBC Radio GNS (various BBC local stations over 2hr drivetime slots) Tumble dryers 18/03/2016
BBC Twitter Top Tips 15/03/2016
BBC Breakfast Product recalls 15/03/2016
Radio 4 You & Yours Terms & Conditions 09/03/2016
LBC Nick Ferrari Sunday trading laws 08/03/2016
Radio BBC Essex Effective complaining to councils 03/03/2016
Radio Downtown Northern Ireland Effective complaining 24/02/2016
BHBN Radio Supermarkets and customer service 24/02/2016
BBC Radio Oxford Advice on tumble dryers story 22/02/2016
Radio 2 Jeremy Vine ‘phone in 19/02/2016
BBC Radio Ulster Britain as moaners not effective complainers 17/02/2016
BBC Radio Tees Tips for complaining effectively 16/02/2016
BBC Radio Norfolk Do British complain effectively? 16/02/2016
The Daily Express Revealed: Britain is a nation of moaners 16/02/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live Daily Consumer slot complaining effectively 15/02/2016
BBC Radio Wales Eleri Sion British complaining 15/02/2016
BBC Radio Glos Anna King Your rights when a firm goes bust 02/02/2016
BBC Radio 5 Live Drive Show Discussing swearing in tweets when complaining 07/01/2016
BBC Radio London Jo Good show – phone in consumer issues 05/01/2016
Derby Telegraph Christmas gift complaints? Find out what your rights are 30/12/2015
The Telegraph Returns and refunds: the most generous policies 13/12/2015
BBC Radio Tees Meals not matching description 23/11/2015
Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Complaining in restaurants 20/11/2015
Radio 4 You & Yours How to complain 16/11/2015
Citizen’s Advice Bureau Keep calm and carry on complaining video series 06/11/2015
BHBN Radio New consumer rights 04/11/2015
Rip Off Britain Ways of complaining 22/10/2015
Yours magazine Know your new buying rights 13/10/2015
Yours magazine online 5-minute guide to your new consumer rights 05/10/2015
Mark Forrest BBC Radio Show Consumer Rights Act 2015 01/10/2015
Radio 2 Drivetime Consumer Rights Act 2015 01/10/2015
Daily Mail Online 30 days to get your money back and protection on digital downloads: 01/10/2015
BBC Radio GNS (various BBC local stations over 2hr breakfast show slots) Consumer Rights Act 2015 01/10/2015
Radio 5 Live Consumer Rights Act 2015 01/10/2015
Evening Standard Consumers rights strengthened and digital downloads protected for first time by new law 30/09/2015
Raconteur The digital future of packaging 30/09/2015
Independent New law giving consumers 30 days to return faulty items coming into effect 29/09/2015
Daily Mail Shopper power 30 day refunds now guaranteed 29/09/2015
Woman’s Own A Quick Guide to The New Rules About Complaining! 28/09/2015
Moneybox Live R4 CRA & ADR 26/09/2015
Radio Times Satisfaction or your money back 26/09/2015
The I paper Store tricks that send us off our trolleys 19/09/2015, Yahoo, MSN & over 60 regional/local papers Supermarkets’ ‘most annoying’ habits revealed 19/09/2015
Radio 5Live Breakfast Supermarket tactics to make you buy more 19/09/2015
Yours magazine Online 5-minute guide to making a complaint about your holiday 02/09/2015
LBC Tom Swarbrick Customer service 26/08/2015
Guardian Internet flowers – the perils of a thoughtful gift 18/08/2015
Yours magazine Complaining when something goes wrong on holiday 18/08/2015
The Observer Flower deliveries your rights 16/08/2015
LBC Breakfast Show Airport retailers – VAT story 12/08/2015
BBC Radio London Jo Good Show interview 11/08/2015
Radio 4 You & Yours Ombudsman Omnishambles 07/08/2015
BBC1 Breakfast Flight delays 05/08/2015
Yours magazine Delayed flights top 5 tips 04/08/2015
Yours magazine Online Article on complaining about when airlines delay/lose luggage 10/06/2015
Yours magazine Online Article on complaining about wedding services 09/06/2015
BBC Radio Leicester, Sheffield, Kent, Cov & Warcs, Scotland, Merseyside Audi story 07/05/2015
BBC Radio 3 Counties Audi story 06/05/2015
Radio 5 Live Wake up to Money Morrisons bringing back 10 items or less/self checkouts discussion 30/04/2015
BBC1 Breakfast Morrisons figures/supermarkets 12/03/2015
Radio 5 Breakfast Morrisons figures/supermarkets 12/03/2015
Chingford Times Article about HD/book 20/02/2015
The Daily Express Article about HD/book and tips 06/02/2015
Mark Forrest BBC Radio Show Complaining 04/02/2015
Yours magazine online Your shopping rights in the sales 03/02/2015
Take a Break Tips on swapping stress for results from complaining 22/01/2015
Glamour magazine Contributing to article on customer helplines 01/01/2015
Yours magazine online 5 top tips complaining in sales 23/12/2014
Yours magazine online How to complain in restaurants 22/12/2014
Yours magazine 5 top tips complaining in restaurants 09/12/2014
What’s Good to Do Article 10/2014
Evening Standard Provided 10 top tips for article 21/10/2014
Yours magazine online Your shopping rights 16/10/2014
Cambridge News ‘phone calls 24/09/2014
Rip Off Britain Complaining, social media 17/08/2014
ITV News Deliveries 08/08/2014
What’s Good to Do Article 06/2014
The Times Deliveries rights 25/05/2014
Radio WM Complaints (Npower) 13/05/2014
BBC News online Small claims court fee increase in England and Wales 24/04/2014
BBC1 Breakfast Covering court fees rise 22/04/2014
The Observer Covering court fees rise 20/04/2014
All Hallows Community Radio Guest 28/11/2013
Radio 5 Expert ‘phone in 27/11/2013
BBC1 Breakfast Item on customer complaints 20/11/2013
In My Opinion Waltham Forest paper Article written by HD 11/11/2013

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How To Dig a Hole on Social Media When Someone Complains, part 1 (Angry Policyholders)
What Everyone Ought to Know about Their Consumer Rights (Johnny Debt)
Faulty Item? 6 Ways to Protect Your Consumer Rights (SkintDad)
11 Things you Need to Know About the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (Consumer Voice)
Consumer Rights Act 2015 – Your new consumer rights (SkintDad)
Top 10 tips for hassle-free complaining to gain redress (Angry Policyholders)



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