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Chewing the cud

About 30 years ago, when I was about 12 years old I started a school magazine. I got a couple of friends together and we sold each copy for 10p!

Then something annoyed me. The boys and girls were put together for P.E. and we only ever did “boys games”. I had no problem with playing what were considered then to be “boys games” (aside from hating all sports of course!) My issue was that we never played netball (the only game I was actually good at of course, played Goal Attack – I’m sure I liked that position because it had the word Attack” in it! Anyway I digress…) I mentioned this to my father who casually said “I wonder what the Sex Discrimination Act would say about that.” So did I, so I decided to ask the whole school through the magazine. Result? I got stopped from producing the magazine. However, the following week the discrimination (as I perceived it) stopped the following week and we played netball.

Now of course, I would write an article about equality, varied curriculum, anti discriminatory practice, Curriculum etc etc. But of course it wouldn’t be happening, the equivalent now might be not letting the girls play football?! Back in the 80’s I think it was poor planning and laziness, perhaps the Head wasn’t aware that the staff were putting everyone together every week? Who knows? But what I do know, is that most of the pupils were moaning about it at the time. No-one did anything about it. So I did. It gave me my first lesson in censorship, stopped my tiny earnings, it got me into trouble and I’m not sure if that was the start of my name frequenting the staff room (which it certainly did!) but most importantly it made a change. Remember this was long before the concept of School Councils where now an issue such as this would easily be discussed.

As a teenager I wrote to Jackie magazine talking about an organisation that raised funds for alternatives to experimenting on animals and got my letter printed. They didn’t pay up so I had to write and complain. At college I wrote to Nursery World informing them that the “100’s of jobs” was grammatically incorrect twice over. No-one responded but they did change the fortnightly cover.

So, I pinpoint my censorship episode as the time I decided that if I was going to complain I was going to do something about it. Principle of the thing, if it was wrong it should be brought to the Powers That Be’s attention regardless of the names I got/get called for doing it! This has probably been the driving force in my life, fighting for the rights for children and young people, fighting the systems in local government (as an employee and resident!) and fighting for better customer service. All boils down to the same thing, sometimes changes have to be made, it is the “Principle of the thing”.

Then I found my ‘cowsin’ Tricia complained a lot to companies and got redress. I think it was a chocolate biscuit hamper or similar that she got free that got my attention! Already armed with a ferocious and passionate fight to change the unjust, my challenge to right the wrongs of bad customer service began…..

Then word of my successes spread and calls for me to share my wisdom grew louder. The lovely Karalyne gave me my new and perfect name (she has a Blog here humorous to the point and well written) and The Complaining Cow Blog began…..

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6 thoughts on “How it Started”

  1. Great to see somebody else standing up for whats right and trying to do something about it, I have made a habit of telling people where they have performed up to and beyond my expectations that they are doing a great job, keep it up and on the flip side where anybody does not perform give them a kick up the backside, you are usually thanked for it in a roundabout way and in this day and age substandard performance does not have to be tolerated.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, I have been known on the rare occassion to thank people! In work when I manage people, I certainly like you performance manage appropriately and I expect other managers to do the same. Impossible in public sector I can tell you! But hopefully as you will see from the 10 Top Tips companies can use complainers effectively too!

  2. What a great, useful website and long overdue. You are just the person to right the wrongs of our “wonderful” Customer Service industry. Any plans to market yourself as a consultant to Customer Services companies? Prevention sure is better than the cure.

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