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How to save money on insurance and beat the tactics used to make you renew

Loyalty deserves a reward from insurance companies

I recently received the renewal for my house insurance. I was a new customer last year but this year the renewal arrived with the new customer discount removed. The insurance company took away a benefit and gave me nothing for my loyalty to them.

I could get the insurance much cheaper with another company, obviously. £100 cheaper in fact. All you need to know about comparison websites

Annoying, isn’t it?  And I bet that, even if you work in the world of insurance, this annoys you too!

Lloyds Bank, like most insurers, don’t want you to email, they want you to phone. Usual story. They do this so that you have to phone to cancel the automatic renewal and waste more of your time discussing it while they go through your details.

I refuse to do this! If the company can do everything else online then it damn well give me a new quote online too!

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Write don’t phone to get the best results

I refuse to discuss it on the phone and waste my time, so I emailed the CEO’s office (using and made them reply to me. “Either beat this quote or don’t automatically renew and I will keep this as my evidence of informing you.” I did put it slightly more politely than that!

What did I get? A phone call. What part of “I will not discuss this on the phone” did they not understand???? (I had ignored the call).

“You need to phone this number to get a loyalty discount” without giving me the offer either!

No I do not. I do NOT need to phone that number!

Eventually the message got through and I was told that they could discount the quote previously offered by £140! And I could just let them know by email.

Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively

No reward for loyalty

Why? Why is there no discount for loyalty? Why do insurance companies make it so difficult for people to contact them? Although I think we all know the answer to that!

Insurance companies: You take a risk and reward our loyalty

When will a company do the right thing and take the lead in rewarding the loyalty of its customers? None of them appears to want to take the risk. Yet the whole insurance system is based on risk. Invest enough for three years on getting the message out that you are the market leader, the first to do something different and let the others follow. But by then you will already have cornered the market. No one becomes the market leader by following the market leader.

How to save money on insurance and beat the tactics used to make you renew


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Thanks for the tips, when my mum’s car insurance went up by £107 at renewal (£276.64 last year, £384.16 this year) I called them to see if they could give a better price – I noticed that she had a nil xs so I asked for thier best renewal including an increased xs of £150, to try to bring the price down more – best they could give was £338.24. I decided to follow your advice and sent an email to the CEO, asked them to communicate by email. Basically following a few emails they said the best they could do would be the £338.24 I had been offered but they would keep the xs at nil. They advised also that this years premium had not gone up by £107- they advised that our original renewal last year, before I called them for a better price was £330.40, so this years premium is worked out on that not the price we actually paid – odd?? Anyway following another few emails they agreed that as last year had been the first year we had questioned the cost and that they had not been proactive in contacting her previously to make sure she was happy with the product and cost they wanted to offer a £50 gesture of good will! We have accepted the offer. Just thought you would be interested in how they work out the renewal and obviously they don’t think automatic renewals are being fair to loyal customers! Thanks again for your tips, from my mum too!

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