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Ombudsman systems needs urgent shake-up says APPG

Press release 30/01/19

Consumer campaigners call for immediate changes

The consumer ombudsman system urgently needs changing. That’s the conclusion of a new report launched today by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Consumer Protection. (MSE) funded an APPG Inquiry and the report which builds on much research into the Alternative Dispute Resolution sector. It makes several recommendations previously called for by MSE, Citizens Advice Bureau and consumer campaigners Marcus Williamson of and Helen Dewdney.

MSE Ombudsman report findings

The main recommendations are:

  • A “fit and proper person” test for ombudsmen prior to their appointment. This would cover financial and criminal (DBS) background checks and was first identified by Dewdney and Williamson in 2016.
  • Mandatory membership of an ombudsman scheme for all ADR bodies. This was first called for in the 2016 Ombudsman Omnishambles report. Mandatory membership was also recommended by the Citizen’s Advice report in its April 2017 Confusion, gaps, and overlaps.

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Ombudsman Association

Donal Galligan the Director of the Ombudsman Association said “The Ombudsman Association welcomes that the APPG’s report supports our long-held position that people should have access to an ombudsman in all areas of consumer goods and services. The APPG’s conclusion that there should be mandatory membership of an ombudsman scheme echoes all the recent research and reports in this area. It also reflects government policy in a number of sectors and therefore it is time for the Government to take action.”

ADR reform

The latest APPG report calls for a reform of the whole sector. Referring the matter to the Law Commission, it aims to use the best of the existing system across all sectors, in a major overhaul.

Dewdney and Williamson have been monitoring the ADR sector since the EU ADR Directive came into force on 1 October 2015. Williamson says “The lack of oversight of ombudsmen remains a significant concern. Now, more than ever, the Government must establish an ‘ombudsman of ombudsmen’, to oversee the sector.”

Current ADR lack of adequate oversight

Dewdney spoke at the Westminster Business Forum seminar in November 2018, where I called for changes in the oversight of the entire ADR sector.

How approval bodies are failing to properly approve and monitor Alternative Dispute Resolution -

The whole system is a consumer disaster in the making. I welcome the APPG raising some of the issues again. Hopefully now all the issues and recommendations regarding approval and oversight of ADR bodies that have been raised previously will be appropriately addressed. These include oversight bodies undertaking due diligence in approving providers and scrutinising their services far more closely.

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By Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow

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3 replies on “Ombudsman systems needs urgent shake-up says APPG”

Helen – love your blog and especially the practical advice like turning good habits of saying please and thank you into good manners – – this reminds me of tradition that gentleness begets what you would otherwise not be able to obtain from anything else.
Only how to maintain this in face of self-preservationist responses to difficulties faced by traders and consumers?
One tour operator – who is refunding £9k Hajj packages – told me that if asked by a consumer, we can’t afford to pay for a travel package for next three months, no tour operator would never accept this. So why should consumers accept traders keeping cancellation fees under booking terms? Many commentators are perpetuating wrong information that a consumer who prefers not to risk infection from second peaks has no cancellation rights. The can argue direct rights to 7-day refunds responding to flight-cancellations by airlines – cutting out the tour operators. And arguments to cancel and seek 14-day refunds (without the trader cancelling first).
Genuinely wondering if anything out there exists to help keep gloves-off (keep proper manners) whilst traders respond with delay or deny as though they haven’t had bounce-back loans etc. And even take-off their buttons on their websites that used to automate this for them?

Hello Helen, great reading and amazing someone is taking up the baton for the consumer. In the UK we are notoriously bad for not shouting loud enough when are robbed of our consumer rights, with some kind of stoical pride. But the longer that continues, the longer companies will exploit it. So thanks for asserting these points and simplifying them.

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