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Sara Williams talks debt – The Complaining Cow Consumer Show

Sara Williams Debt Camel helps you manage debt and more


Sara Williams Debt camel guest post on The Complaining Cow

Sara Williams is an adviser at Citizens Advice who has her own website Debt Camel where she blogs about everything to do with debt and credit ratings.

Go to person about anything debt or credit score related.





Sara guest posted Ten ways GDPR will help consumers.This provides all you need to know about data protection and how you can challenge organisations about your data.  Everything you need to know about Payday loans and Bright ideas for complaining about Brighthouse (& avoiding them in the first place!)

She is one of very few people asked to guest post on my blog and even fewer to do more than one! This shows you the high regard in which I hold Sara!

She was therefore the ideal and perfect choice to invite onto The Complaining Cow Consumer Show.

Sara talks to me about why she set up her blog, Debt Camel, where to go for help, tips on managing debt and what affects your credit score. She also advises on where not to go for help and what to avoid, especially scams.

The Complaining Cow Consumer Show

Further help on saving money

How Big Energy Saving Week can help you with energy bills this provides you with ways to save money but also where to go for help.

Energy prices are up – 10 ways to keep bills down some ways for cutting down in energy if you think perhaps you haven’t exhausted all ideas.

How to save money on and complain about, energy Various posts to help with energy, sometimes it may be that your energy bill is wrong regardless of the price hike. Posts here will help you complain effectively.

Information and advice about credit scores

Guest posts on The Complaining Cow blog by John James from Experian:

All you need to know about credit score rating

All you need to know when you have been refused credit

The Complaining Cow Consumer Show with John James. This discussion was really interesting. We covered myth busting about consumer credit scores, how to use credit scores to save money, how to challenge credit refusal and much more!

East London Radio The Complaining Cow Consumer Show

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