Property and home improvements complaint templates

template in envelope iconSometimes you just want to sort the matter quickly.

The templates below give the information you need to know and just the right wording to get you your refunds/redress for a complaint about issues. You just need to fill in your own individual details.

The templates also include further information on what you should do if you do not receive a satisfactory response.

Please see below for a number of templates and links to more templates.

Buying/selling/moving property

Not keeping removal appointment (£10)

Items damaged in removal transit (£10)

Unsatisfactory surveyor’s report (£10)

Rejecting estate agent’s claim to commission not agreed (£10)

Deadlock letter request (£5)

Home improvement

Poor workmanship (£10) – NON FHIO Member

Poor workmanship from a Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman member      (Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman members)

Delays in building work (£10)

Rejection of Faulty Goods from FHIO Member (£10)

Rejecting increase in price over for building work (£10)

Deadlock letter request see above


Noisy neighbours (£15)


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