Templates for complaining about utilities

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Sometimes you just want to sort the matter quickly. The templates below give the information you need to know and just the right wording to get you your refunds/redress. You just need to fill in your own individual details.

Where applicable the templates provide you with further information on how to take the matter further should you not be satisfied with the response.

Telecoms/broadband complaint templates

Mis-selling mobile ‘phone with a contract (£15)

Interruption to service (£15)

Broadband speed (£15)

Deadlock request (£5) (CISAS members and Ombudsman Services members

Energy complaint templates

Deadlock request see above

Overcharging for energy (£10)

Erroneous transfer (£10)

Faulty meter (£10)

Switching supplier problem (£10)

Water complaint templates

Sewerage entering building (£10)

Break in water supply (£10)

Other templates for complaining about goods and services

Templates for complaining about financial institutions

Templates for complaining about vehicles and garages

Holiday, flight and event complaint templates

Restaurants, pubs, cafes and fast food delivery complaint templates

Goods, services & delivery complaint templates

Property and home improvements complaint templates


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