Goods, services & delivery complaint templates

template in envelope iconSometimes you just want to sort the matter quickly. The templates below give the information you need to know and just the right wording to get you your refunds/redress. You just need to fill in your own individual details.

Where applicable, the templates also give you further information on what you can do if the template does not get you a satisfactory response.

Please see below for a number of templates and links to more templates:

Online retailer refusing to pay return postage on a faulty item (£5)

Item not fit for purpose (£10)

Fast food late delivery (£5)

Faulty goods (£10)

Item not received (£5)

Item not as described (£10)

Faulty mobile phone with no contract (£15)

Requesting repair and retaining legal rights when sending item back for repair (£10)

Service booking cancellation made by the provider (£10)

Quality of flowers in delivery (£7.50)

Dry cleaning damaged item (£7.50)

Harm caused by hairdresser (£7.50)

Rejecting faulty goods from a company which is a member of the Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman (£10)

Deadlock letter request (£5)

eBay private seller (£5)

eBay business seller faulty item (£7.50)


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