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Testimonials for Helen Dewdney Consumer Champion

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consumer advice testimonials for Helen Dewdney

Testimonials for Helen Dewdney's consumer champion work

Helping people to complain effectively and get redress

Getting nearly full refund on a holiday

“Helen was a great help in both getting a response from Sunmaster and appropriate redress. We wanted to complain about the whole booking process and then complained about the transfer on return. Her well written emails to the CEO got us nearly 3/4 of the total holiday cost back!  The extra knowledge and contacts she provided were invaluable and I am sure I would still be trying to get a response from Sunmaster if it wasn’t for her help. I would (and have done already) recommend her to anyone I know. Thanks so much for your help!” Adam & Melanie  (Story here)

Helping to get a bedroom finally sorted

“Is it a plane? is it a bird? No it’s The Complaining Cow to the rescue! My hair was turning grey and my blood was boiling when Sharps did not deliver the high standards we were lead to believe we would. They left us without a bedroom for weeks, we were living in total chaos and our house was beginning to look like it was going to appear on TV show “Hoarders Buried Alive”!!!! (for those who don’t know me I am a stickler for a tidy neat house, I detest mess and clutter so anything out of place sends me into complete melt down).

We were at the stage of screaming “Arrrrrh what to do? Where to go???????”  I had tried complaining over the phone only to be fobbed off with numerous unacceptable excuses. I was at my wit’s end and then came along my “Knight” or should I say “Cow” in shiny armour to my rescue!

Helen was wonderful, she guided us every step of the way. The information, advice and guidance we received was first class, frank and to the point (for those who have not had the pleasure to meet Helen and do not know her, that is how she is!) Her advice on our legal rights was second to none, she knows her stuff!  She gave us the confidence to go for it! We worked together on composing a letter to the CEO that was factual and to the point. An email to the CEO got us a response within an hour and a bedroom installed two days later and the added bonus of redress! What a result!!!

Her website is fantastic, informative and constructive, we love her humour; but on a serious note we would highly recommend her. In fact when ever I hear anyone complaining I always say “Go see “The Complaining Cow”. She is brilliant”! Keep up the Good work Helen! You are definitely a super hero to us!” Elaine & Josh  (Story here)

Helping to fix a faulty sofa

“I recently had a stressful issue regarding a sofa bed I purchased from a catalogue.  Despite many phone calls to the company concerned, the whole issue was dragging out and I was stuck with a faulty sofa bed. Helen was friendly & approachable as well as very quick to respond to my emails. Thanks to a fantastic email she drafted for me, I now have the company picking up the faulty sofa bed, providing full refund with offer of providing a price match on a more expensive sofa.  I was also given £50 credit on my account. This lady knows her stuff and gives you confidence to stand up for your rights.” Debbie  

“I was having trouble with a misrepresented contract sold to me by Phones 4 U for Vodafone, and neither company wanted to accept the fact. Luckily I had stumbled across The Complaining Cow on Twitter and asked for her help. She gave me a lot of help and eventually I received nearly £150 reimbursement from both companies” Ben Nov 

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22 replies on “Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow consumer testimonials”

Recently I was successful in claiming back £1700 back from an unscrupulous tooth whitening manufacturer for selling me a business package that was illegal for me to legitimately use. Helen’s advice was instrumental in my case being successful, I would recommend her book to everyone, you may not need it now, but at some point in your life you will and it is best to be prepared. Thank you Helen for taking the time and effort to put your knowledge into this handy book.

Big thanks to the Complaining Cow
A month of zero contact from Alex and Alexa website after we bought goods that never arrived as ‘no longer available’……Although still being advertised at a higher price, we contact the Cow.

After the advice given, we receive a phone call from the CEO the next day, a full refund and 100% extra on top for inconvenience.

This Cow knows her stuff!
Udderly Brilliant
Thank you CC

I have only recently learned of Helen’s website and blogs, and immediately ordered a copy of her wonderful book ‘How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!’

Seven weeks ago I moved into a new-build property; three weeks prior to that it was noted that a wrong kitchen had been fitted. To cut a very long (and ongoing!) story short the kitchen situation remains unresolved 10 weeks later.

The Complaining Cow to the rescue……… Whilst Helen’s book does not have a specific area that deals with new-build house problems (and why should it?), the comprehensive, and easy to read sections are filled with letter of complaint templates, real examples of complaint, details of Acts and Regulations pertaining specifically to consumer rights, and much more. A customized letter, concerning any subject, can readily be achieved by selecting appropriate material from one or more of the example templates. The book, quite simply is a ‘Must Have!’

I am now confident that the letter of complaint I drafted a few days ago is a more professional document since obtaining ‘How to Complain’, and which will be submitted to the housing developer just as soon as I hear from them as to who (exactly) my grievance should be addressed (ie the first piece of advice from ‘The Complaining Cow’).

I am looking towards a speedy resolution to my complaint, and should that be achieved then it will be in no small measure down to Helen!

Look out for a later post when I trust I will be able to boast a successful result.

Thanks Helen!

Thank you Helen, the. Complaining Cow, for all your invaluable help.

My mother, who is 83 and had just had major surgery, was without any heating for nearly 9 days (but the sorry saga went on for 11 days).

Helen, and her brilliantly written book – ‘How to Complain’ – helped me to write to Southern Electric and tell them of all the issues. Their first response was to offer £150. Helen looked at the reply and helped me compose an email back.

They have, today, given my mother a whole year of boiler cover, refunded one direct debit payment of electricity (think this is due to the very insensitive remark one of the engineers made regarding the usage of the electric fan she was left) and a goodwill payment of £50. Total – £301.80.

I would definitely recommend having the book in any home – you never know when it will come in handy. (Make a great Christmas present!!)

Thank you Helen, the. Complaining Cow, for all your help.

Your book and advice helped me get my faulty computer replaced by a brand new one from Acer the manufacturer as it had passed out of warranty due to PC World refusing to repair.

I am using your template for easyjet after they stranded us…

I am also now about to use your template after an unmitigated perm disaster left me looking like Chewbacca.

Thank you so much it is great to know your rights and get redress and to not put up with rubbish customer service and substandard goods

I will update again once the last 2 have been addressed.


Thank you Helen.

I was trying to get a refund for 6 weeks from a catalogue company who were blaming the courier for a lost parcel. I was stressed and on the verge of accepting the money was lost.

I downloaded your book on Saturday and within 2 hours had used your templates to write a very strong email to their CEO.

Within 72 hours I have my £191 refund in my bank and a small amount of compensation.

I highly recommend the book to anyone. Worth every penny.

Also- have you written a review on Amazon (if that is where you downloaded it from) Thanks!

Helen is amazing – her knowledge of consumer rights and her straight talking approach can save you not only money but also time and stress. Her case studies show you how to approach different scenarios and her no-nonsense advice literally saved me a fortune. I had bought a Panasonic Fridge freezer at £1400 from John Lewis which failed after 3 years. I was struggling against the ‘out of warranty’ argument that is always used in these cases. I had almost a year of the fridge working, then failing, wasted food, then an engineer visit, then failing again. I then heard Helen on the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show giving consumer advice and it opened my eyes to how much we get fobbed off!! I went back armed with Helen’s information and not only got a £1400 refund but also a goodwill payment of £350. All of that thanks to Helen and her amazing advice. Thank you Helen!

I purchased the book, ‘How to Complain’ about a month or so ago. As it happened Helen’s help was needed quicker than I thought After just a few weeks, following her guidelines and adapting one of her templates, I not only received a full refund offer on a faulty car camera but also a free upgrade to a much better model worth over twice as much. I opted for the upgrade! The cost of the book has already more than paid for it self and I’ve only just started! Thank you Helen.

You’re welcome. Go get ’em 🙂 feel free to add a review on Amazon if you bought from there too 🙂

Hi Helen, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to get satisfaction from Hastings Direct. I got a shock as you know from my post on March 6th, as unauthorised charges had been made on a direct debit, plus the first handler gave me a brush off and said it was my fault as I made a payment on the phone, following their instructions and the renewal was already in flight. It then took another complaint due to the unsuccessful first attempt. A default and automatic cancellation letter had also been generated. Had they not actively stopped it my policy would have been cancelled. I insisted on them attending to this first, which they eventually did. Two weeks later I got full apology for their errors and for the way the first person blamed me for their error. I got my payment confirmed and compensation of £100, although I had asked for £50. On top of this they will also take care of any extra bank charges and they have cancelled the £85.00 default charges.

Thanks for your advice and the book advice. Success.

So I Purchased the complaining cow as a recommendation by friend of mine called John. when it came in the post I checked the area I needed and found exactly what I was looking for, I managed to get my energy bill down from a whopping £705 to a slightly better £322 and I would recommend this book to anyone trying to get things sorted

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