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Before embarking on any complaint make sure you have read all the 20 Tips for Effective Complaining to Companies

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Is a company annoying you? Got a faulty product for which you can’t get your money back? Company not provided good service? An item for which you stayed in for not been delivered? Or a service didn’t happen for which you stayed in? Terrible meal somewhere? Been overcharged for something?

There’s lots of free advice on here and Helen, The Complaining Cow often gives advice via Facebook comments and Twitter Tweets. But sometimes, if you are really struggling to gain redress, your letter writing isn’t very good, you just don’t know where to start or are just plain fed up with it all, there is more help at hand.

How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to getting Refunds, Redress and Results!

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Before embarking on any complaint make sure you have read all the Tips. You can buy the book, How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! which will have everything you should need to complain effectively.


Purchase downloadable templates

Wide range of templates so you can contact a company with no delay. Purchase downloadable templates to gain redress.

Engage Helen Dewdney’s services to help with your complaint

However if you are really struggling after having tried all this and would like Helen to take up your complaint for you then do get in contact and Helen will be happy to discuss terms with you which will depend on the nature of your complaint.

Helen will be able to offer advice, key facts and guidance on what you can do for a small no win no fee! Please note that complaining does take time, as does reading through your complaint, gaining more information and writing guidance or your letter(s) for you. Please email a short paragraph in the first instance outlining the facts (no opinions, thoughts, beliefs etc. please) Helen doesn’t need dates and details etc at this point, she needs just the outline and will get back to you for further information if she thinks she can help you.

Helen can also look through a complaint you have written and for a small fee can offer suggestions/rewrite.

Want to know why you didn’t get redress?

If you have failed in gaining redress and have been in protracted correspondence and you cannot see why you have failed, Helen can, for a fee, go through all your paperwork and highlight areas which have contributed to you not being successful so that you can use this training for future complaints.

Helen is also available to take Power Hour phone calls. For £75 an hour Helen will look through your paperwork beforehand and then discuss the matter with you to help you complain effectively to the company.



Complaining advice in the media

If you would like The Complaining Cow to discuss how to complain effectively, take complaint calls or discuss any consumer issues please see the Moodia Page.

You can also contact her for help through her This Is Money column.

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