The Complaining Cow Consultancy

Helen is an experienced consultant and provides you with a tailored service to suit your business and needs.

Some examples of the work she can undertake are:

  • Reading/research of annual reports, staff feedback evaluations, customer feedback, websites.
  • Meeting with the senior staff (to include CEO, Head of Customer Experience, Group Marketing Director, Head of Online etc.) about current customer service status, where you want to be with customer service in a year’s time etc.
  • Observation of customer service team dealing with social media, writing emails, taking ‘phone calls.
  • Meeting with contact centre management team, heads of customer service, experience etc.
  • SWOT analysis with customer service team and others.
  • Research including social media, emails, mystery shops in store and online.
  • Discussions with relevant specialists.
  • Identifying, exploring and reducing the risks associated with your correspondence with vulnerable customers
  • Workshops

Deliverables could include:

  • A final report outlining findings and recommending actions.
  • A seminar
  • Guides/content for print and websites
How to improve correspondence with vulnerable customers

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If you are interested in finding out more about what Helen can do for you contact her

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