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Victory in latest Complaining Cow V Tesco Battle

At the risk of this blog becoming wholly “Have a go at Tesco” I can’t not tell you the result about the latest battle regarding the cola bottles and milk bottles. I won! They were very gracious though! I received a nicely handwritten letter saying:

“Hi Helen

 Congratulations on your recent victory, as promised we’ve sent you some sweets.

 We trust that this will be the start of a new blossoming friendship.

 Should you ever have a complaint we’ll be happy to help.

 I hope you enjoy the sweeties.

The @UKTesco Team”

 Aw that was lovely wasn’t it? Start of a blossoming friendship?? Who thinks that then? Anyone?? Oh look they’ll be happy to help with any complaint. Right, deliver for free please. Sainsbury’s do.

Beautifully dressed up cola bottles?!?!
Beautifully dressed up cola bottles!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the parcel I received. Yes, I did win with “milk bottles”!!! But my son enjoyed the cola bottles, hence why one packet is open!

Thanks Tesco, I’ll give you a rest for a bit, got to complain to the Post Office now because look what they did to your gift! Least you know they are in trouble!!! (…and it’s not you this time!)

This should be easy to claim for, at least they have already admitted fault!
This should be easy to claim for, at least they have already admitted fault!


By Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow

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I too am having problems with Tesco and even on their facebook page they will not give me an email address…I can’t seem to find it online. Years ago I too wrote to Sir Terry and got an actual reply and a final solution to a problem that had dragged on over a year! Here’s hoping this gets sorted…please can I trespass on your knowledge and get an email? Feel free to check out my post on Tesco facebook page…

perhaps we can help prevent World Domination by Tesco? Rescue the world from Tesco! I helped keep them out of Whitby so we got a Sainsbury’s instead, hurray!

Keep up the good work!

Link for CEO addresses on right of Blog. But don’t expect a response from the CEO the man is ignorant. You may get a response from the Exec office! Good luck!

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