Kelloggs Strawberry Scam?

So. Kelloggs. My friend’s daughter was not impressed with her Special K and wrote to customer services. Now, as you will know by now if you are not new to this blog, I tend not to use humour when complaining, taking the other route of just asserting the Law and myself. That’s not to say humour doesn’t work, but it’s not my first choice ‘cos I’d only be sarcastic which doesn’t get the best results and my way is guaranteed to speed results up! (Apologies for the pic., hope you can still read it – wouldn’t scan well). I think it’s a great letter Millie wrote:

Lack of strawberries!
Lack of strawberries!













You’d think that would bring a smile to someone’s face wouldn’t you? Poor student. Nope. She got back a really boring response. She told Millie that the equipment is electronically controlled and every effort is made to ensure there is a constant weight of fruit in every packet. She was sorry that the packet was lacking in fruit (she didn’t apologise for the lack of chocolate!) The Quality Assurance manager has addressed this with her staff and steps were being taken to stop it from happening again.

Dull huh? Could have made a Harry Potter reference in her reply! She provided a £5 voucher. Now, this was Millie’s first complaint and I didn’t want her to be put off by this poor response. So I reverted to type and wrote an email for her. I clarified the Misrepresentation Act 1967 (You could also use the The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008) for the CEO and I pointed out that a £5 voucher didn’t cover two boxes of cereal and probably made some reference to humourless staff! An apology and £15 voucher later I hope that Millie continues to complain when things aren’t right.

How about you? Would you bother to complain? Would you prefer humour or not?

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