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Latest Ofcom complaints statistics

Today (13/07/22) Ofcom released its latest figures regarding complaints about broadband, mobile, landline and pay-TV services.

Report: Complaints about broadband, landline, mobile and pay-TV services

Ofcom is the telecoms regulator and although it cannot deal with complaints directly, it does collate statistics on complaints. Every quarter it compares the number of complaints per 100,000 customers for each UK telecoms provider.

During the last reported quarter, from January to March 2022, the number of complaints was broadly in line with those of October and December 2021. However, complaints about fixed broadband and pay TV services increased slightly.

The good and the bad telecom providers

The most complained about broadband provider was Shell Energy, whilst Sky and EE received the fewest complaints, according to the Ofcom figures.

The most complained about landline provider was also Shell Energy. The majority of the complaints were about faults, service and provision. EE did well again in this sector, attracting the fewest complaints.

The most complained about mobile providers were Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile and O2. Ironically, most complaints were about complaint handling. EE, Sky and Tesco Mobile received the fewest complaints.

Fergal Farragher, Ofcom’s Consumer Protection Director, said:

“While the overall level of complaints has been consistently low over recent months, the gap between the best and worst providers in the broadband, landline and pay-TV sectors is widening.

“The figures highlight how some firms have plenty of work to do to keep their customers happy and catch up with their rivals.”Ofcom tables




Complaint handling statistics

In May of this year, Ofcom released its Customer Satisfaction Survey results. The report revealed that in 2021 only half of customers were satisfied with how their complaints were handled. A spokesperson for Ofcom said at the time that “Call-waiting times and complaints-handling are areas of particular concern.”

Although EE attracted the fewest complaints, for call waiting times it was one of the worst, with on hold times being longer in 2021 than during the previous year.

Choosing a telecom provider

Whilst it would appear that some providers are at last investing in customer service, many clearly are not. If you are not happy with your provider, you should look to switch. Take some time to compare prices but always consider the quality of customer service being provided.

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