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Where there’s blame there’s a claim (even when there isn’t?) Food poisoning complaints

How to complain about food poisoning on holiday




You’ve had a great holiday, weather was good, accommodation clean and spacious and the food was amazing. Although was the food perfect?

Fake food poisoning reports

There have always been reports of people with dodgy tummies after holidays but is it on the increase. Are hotels really getting worse or is something else going on?

It is reported that some Claims Management Companies appear to be trying to get in on the act and either helping people claim when they could easily do so themselves and get 100% of the redress or in some cases encouraging holiday makers to make fraudulent claims. Ambulance chasers hit a brick wall

So watch yourself if you are thinking of trying it on. 1) It gives people with genuine complaints a bad name, 2) You could end up with a huge fine, a criminal record and even be out in prison for fraud 3) Ultimately places may well stop taking holiday makers from countries where people lie and at the very least put prices up! There is even talk in some places of treating people from the UK differently such as having to swipe in and out when having a drink or something to eat.

More stories in the media on holiday makers and fraud

Why Brits got the bug for holiday sickness scams

Holidaymaker hit with £25k bill after falsely claiming she had suffered food poisoning at five-star hotel

‘BOGUS’ COMPO BACKLASH Brit couple who made ‘fake’ claim over ‘dodgy food’ at Greek hotel could lose home because they were sued back for £170,000 by the furious chain

Update 13th October 2017  Fake holiday sickness couple from Wallasey jailed 9 months and 15 months sentences for trying to defraud Thomas Cook

So don’t do it!

What should you do if you really get food poisoning abroad?

1) Report it to the hotel at the time.

2) If it is a package holiday, tell the rep as soon as you can.

3) Go to the doctor. If the hotel can recommend one go there.

4) Keep copies of any doctor’s notes, prescriptions and receipts for medication.

5) Don’t continue to to eat and drink! Follow the medical advice.

6) Notify your insurance company.

7) Write to customer services on your return providing all the details of when you fell ill and all the evidence. State that you wish to claim redress under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

8) Should you not be happy with the response you can write to the CEO – you can find the contact details for CEOs on

9) You can take your case to ABTA where there may be a charge or go to court.

10) Be polite and objective in your correspondence. Give a deadline as to when you you expect to hear and what you will do if not satisfied with the response. For example, using review forums and websites, going to the Small Claims  Court etc.

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