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How to Win When EasyJet’s Customer Service Fails

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The Complaining Cow jumped half heartedly over the moon eventually…

So airlines difficult to get money back from? Yes, on the whole, mainly I think because it’s the same old complaints and they know just how to put people off, the same old excuses churned out and they can afford to lose customers. But I’m here to show you that if you keep to my tips (many of them in this case!) and persevere you can do it! (Added to the fact of course that now, with Social Media and Review sites etc., it is much easier to spread the word about bad customer service).

A friend of mine used EasyJet for a holiday with her family. Whilst there, her mother in Law became seriously ill and they had to fly home. EasyJet wanted to charge £1000 for the flight home. In fact they got it for £700 from an Internet cafe. That was for 4 of them one way on top of what they had paid! They, like I thought that was exploiting the fact that they needed to get home before her Mother in Law died. Bear in mind of course that EasyJet would have sold their existing tickets on for more profit. Had her Mother in Law died whilst they were on holiday they would have had their money refunded. Even I am stuck to put a light hearted spin on that state of affairs!

When they got back Jo complained. As you would expect they got some standard rubbish back about prices and their Price Policy. They did say they would pay back the tax. Generous huh? No. Because they then backtracked on that saying it was a transfer. I disagreed. I also disagreed with them that my friend and her family should have to trawl the Internet with no help from the EasyJet Customer Representative. I disagreed that EasyJet should make a profit on the situation. I disagreed that they should not be compensated for the inconvenience and misinformation they were given. So, being quite a disagreeable soul I took to work.

I would have liked to have made this complaint so many people could see but unfortunately the rather brilliant Dave Carroll got there first in shaming an airline by performing the song that went viral

United Breaks Guitars

Anyway, I can’t sing. So out came the hooves and I reverted to type. Did you see what I did there? Clever pun huh? No? Okay back to complaining.

Now, Jo won’t mind me telling you that her written English is rubbish, her emails informal (kisses I tell you KISSES – is there a sighing emoticon one can use? Insert it here!) and well let’s just say when I sent her my version of a complaint to send to the CEO she said it scared the poo out of her! She may have put it less eloquently…

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, pointing out the error of EasyJet’s ways. I wrote an email for her to the CEO (you can get contact details for any CEO at and pointed out the following:

1)    I am fully aware that one takes a risk in flying with a budget airline and can expect to pay more if changes need to be made. However, charging such an extortionate amount more for a different flight I believe is profiteering.

2)    The customer services representative stated that “Sometimes if a flight is not selling as well as expected we would reduce the fare to encourage people to book.” They booked at about 6.00pm for a 10.15am flight the next day. This contradicts what the representative says. There was little time left for people to book and to have 4 tickets available (and there were more) then clearly there was scope for these flights to be cheaper!

3)    The original tickets were approximately £550 including the extras. The actual flights were about £90. They then had to pay an additional £675 (£1000 if booked directly at the desk). Easyjet would presumably have sold the original flight on for at least £675. That makes an additional approximate £1300 profit for Easyjet on top of the original acceptable profit. Nearly 250%! Stunning profiteering I believe!

4)    Easyjet needs to treat all customers equally, so, does that mean it takes advantage of every customer who finds themselves in a difficult situation?

5)    Why should it be cheaper at an Internet cafe trawling through flights than just transferring the flight dates directly with EasyJet!

6)    The representative had offered to refund the tax and this offer was withdrawn as he said that they had transferred the tickets! More contradiction! This is incorrect, they bought new tickets and so they are entitled to at least the tax back. EasyJet even charged again for speedy boarding and baggage – how is THAT is a transfer?!

7)    The correspondence to date was forwarded and the point made that the last email hadn’t even gained a response. (The one of pointing out their contradiction..)

8)    EasyJet’s guidelines on “Refunds and Cancellation fees” state that “In exceptional circumstances, however, EasyJet will consider issuing a credit in the event of the bereavement of an immediate family member provided that the claim and a copy of the death certificate are submitted by post to the EasyJet Customer Services Department.” Not only were they not advised of this by the EasyJet representative, they were not advised of it by any Customer Representative on holiday or in correspondence. With a charge of £30 per customer, totalling £120 I should be refunded the £675 minus £120. A total of £555.

She got her £550 in EasyJet vouchers….

Have you had dealings with EasyJet and other airlines? What’s your experience of their customer service?

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54 replies on “How to Win When EasyJet’s Customer Service Fails”

I was asked to fit my approved Easyjet carry on bag 55cm high/42cm wide/24cm deep not overloaded into a baggage gauge at gate 33 Tenerife South by a member of staff called VANESA on 9th FEB 2013 this was fine except she wanted me to turn it sideways well we both knew that a 55cm high bag would not fit into a 45cm wide gauge so i paid the 50euro fee so as not to inconvience the passengers behind me thinking i could sort it out back in the UK after many phone calls and emails to Easyjet they dont understand the proplem it is not the money more the princeapole of the thing I would like it sorted out so it wont happen again Alan Weeks

So, what happened when you wrote to them? What did they say? Email the CEO (links for CEO email addresses on Home page, and use the Misrepresentation Act 1967

I booked flights for myself and my daughter to go to England from Northern Ireland for a week of training; I had already paid a deposit for the training ($500), car hire, car parking in Belfast and accommodation. Not travelling was really not an option for me, financially – they had me, and they knew it.
I was told at the ‘Service Desk’ (an ironic title) that since my surname on my boarding pass did not match my ID – somehow I only had “B” for my surname, instead of “Bowler” – they had to do a ‘NAME CHANGE’, and because of this, they had to rebook my ticket……same flights, same seats, with my daughter’s name fully correct on the same booking – and charge me £192 additional for the 5 minutes of work to make the change.
I called Customer Service when we got back from the trip; after 2 different people (one supervisor) and 29 minutes of discussion, no joy. ‘Sorry, but we would have gladly made the change for you over the phone for no charge, if you had called before the flight……and we have no way of refunding you money, and that is our policy, and that is just the way we do things’……..overall, not very empathetic to my cause.
So now I am trying to spread the word and see if I can’t change their mind!
I find it surprising, no, that is not true; I am disappointed that Easyjet takes such advantage of these kinds of situations. They don’t seem to understand the concept of goodwill and are unable to apply even a bit of common sense.
The website should have an error trap to confirm you really want your last name to be 1 letter – yes it is possible, but not very common. I was signed in to when I made the booking…….they certainly would not let me use Mr. B. as my name for the payment part of the transaction……..
I would have expected some fee to make the change, but not this kind of profiteering; If only I could sing………

Makes you sick doesn’t it? Complain to the CEO – it’s what I did. Refer her to this site and my Fb page….! Good luck!

Hi, I can’t find her email address through that link, it doesn’t come up like the others? Thanks.

Just checked and it does work. Go to the CEO email link under my links page see Easyjet then click on her name.
Good luck. I’m flying with them soon I wonder if I’ll have cause to complain?! Probbaly!

At the moment I am battling with EasyJet since a flight I was on was delayed over 3 hours and EU law states that I should be compensated. They are claiming somehow that a leak in the plane is outside of their realm of responsibility…whose could it possibly be?! It’s one hundred per cent EasyJet’s responsibility to ensure the plane is in a fit condition in the first place, their responsibility to then give themselves enough time to check that the plane is in working order before each flight and their responsibility to provide a service that we are already ripped off for! To add salt to the wound, the pilot announced over the tannoy that the reason for the leak was that it had been fuelled with the wrong fuel and had to then be REfuelled (we were all sitting on the plane by this point). Then we were disembarked and finally put on a different plane, and guess what…we were given a complimentary cup of coffee to apologize for the delay of over 3 hours. I then asked for another one because we were sitting there for a while still, and was snapped at. Aside from the terrible overall service, some of the EasyJet staff are just vile! EasyJet also said to me ‘as you remember from our terms and conditions you have the choice to reschedule onto the next flight’. So many bones to pick with this. Number one, no I don’t waste my time reading T&C ESSAYS, shoot me. Secondly, how could we possibly anticipate how delayed we would be, airlines are notoriously uninformative when anything goes wrong. Thirdly, when do we think we, as the paying consumer, are going to introduce T&C’s of our own? We are the one’s paying them, so surely they should comply to our T&C’s? Fourthy, THE BLOODY CHEEK OF IT!

I am in the process of complaining to the CAA and hopefully the little man will get a voice (me).

I have a theory that these budget airlines will soon be out of business. People will demand more! Revolt! 😉

Thanks Helen for what you done, it was a very stressful time for us all and I was ready to throw in the towel when you took over. I am so unorganised (which added to the banging of Helens head against her brick wall ) Helen had to work extra hard to work out who said and done what, but she got there in the end. Thank you Helen, and these are for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol x

You’re welcome Jo. Always a pleasure doing stuff for you because you say thank you and that makes a huge difference!

Iclicked on easyjet web site to make a booking for a friend and it wasent till i had made the booking that i realized that it was booked through e dreams and was charged extra. It makes me wonder what is easyjet getting out of e dream as the site looks the same. And i belive that easyjet are aware that this is happening.and e dreams should be renamed eeeah nightmares as that is what you.d get if you had to talk to them.It was a costly lesson to learn and i would never never book through e dreams please easyjet remove them from your site or put a beware sign on it
thank you kathy

Nothing easy with Easyjet! Thanks for your comments always good to share experiences.

Dear victims of EasyJet ! I miss the flight with my partner on the way to Basel from Amsterdam, because of sick behavior of service agent’s of EasyJet. We were standing in the queue for checking, when we approach the desk, agent says we are late for registration because is only 20 min left before departure, and we whore denied for flight, problem was we could easily get to the gate in 5 min. But no! Agent say it to us, we have to bay new ticket for next flight. She send us to other desk, where was guy with blue nature, start flirting with me, I get mad. Then he sad, he would hold us for next flight too. We run to registration desk again to other agent, I beg him to help us. And thanks god he start checking us for the flight, but unfortunately was late because plane was unblock’t already. He sad ” sorry can do anything for you now” I was shocked, If the first and second agent’s would do the same as third agent did, we would’t miss the flight. Isn’t ? Rebooking+hotel+car cost us around 1000 euro to compare price 115 euro with I pay for tickets with return for both of us. Beside of reschedule our business meeting!
Please advice me what to do if I will get not enough attention from EasyJet. I have compline to had office in UK about this crazy situation, but likely will get zero compensation with some bullshit excuses. I think EasyJet creates deliberately this kind of situations to earn more money from passengers with have no time to compline, or give up easy the fight. Will appreciate any suggestions or advice, how to compline to governmental authority’s, FAA in UK. Or other organization with controls airways company’s like “EasyJet”
Juri Baron

It is a little difficult to follow so I am not absolutely sure what happened. But I would say that if you arrived after checkout closes there will be nothing you can do on that. There is no way they will pay out on that. It is up to individuals to make sure they arrive on time. Although if you were in the queue then I would argue that they did not open the desk early enough or have enough reps on the desks. It is a litle unclear as to what happened after that. I would advise reading the blog post and see what I did. Also use these Tips. Also when you write, I would strongly advise you get someone with Good English skills to check over and rewrite for you so that you are taken seriously. They won’t allow for language barriers and will take a firmly written letter in good English better. Hope that helps.

VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH EASYJET!! My Son is unable to fly due a heart condition that could kill him if he gets on a plane and good old Easyjet wouldn’t even show a little compassion on giving us a flexible flight exchange. as a loyal customer of easyjet over many years I find it incredibly disappointing that they could not show a little compassion in these circumstances. I suggested maybe a credit against our next flight and offered to pay the £30 transfer fee but NO! They will not be out of pocket by me cancelling this flight as will sell the seats anyway. This not about the money, its about the principal.


My Easyjet flight was scheduled to depart at 20.55 but due to reasons unknown, nor explained, it was delayed by 3 hours and 5 minutes, meaning the revised departure time as 00.00 (midnight) arriving at 00.42 am, long after public transport from the airport had stopped. (I had my train ticket booked)
After a long restless stay until trains resumed, I filed a complaint with Easyjet Customer Services, citing the lack of information, no refreshments, and the significant disruption caused by this unexplained delay.
Now this is where things get interesting. I was unaware of European Law 261/2004,
it was Easyjet who informed me that under this regulation, compensation can only be awarded if a delay of over 3 hours results from a delay.
I informed them that I waited 3 hours and 5 minutes until my revised departure.However, Easyjet have stated that delays only count from scheduled arrival and actual arrival at destination airport!
This meant, that even though its not shown on your boarding pass, there exists a scheduled arrival time, mine was 09.50, so then, the late flight arrived at 00.42 meaning that the delay between arrivals is 2 hours 52 minutes, below the 3 hour level for compensation.
This appears to be a loophole or a get-out for airlines which needs clarified.
How many passengers book their flights based on arrival times?, especially when these times do not appear on boarding passes.

Hi There,
Have tickets booked to go to my cousins wedding in Cyprus, but unfortunately we ( my husband and I) are unable to make it, as we started the adoption process 2 1/2 years ago and have been placed with a 4 month old baby girl. We can’t fly by law until the baby is actually ours which should be around January 2014. Our flights are booked on the 25th July 2013 – 3rd August 2013. We are flying from Belfast to Gatwick then Gatwick to Cyprus and returning the same way. So we wanted to transfer these flights to a later date next year. At the moment we can only go forward as far as 29th March 2014. So the flights cost £958 originally. When trying to rebook for March 2014 we were told it would cost another £400 via phone. To rebook the filghts as new for same dates in march 2014 cost £393. Is there anything you could do to help get us our £958 back or even just £900 in vouchers to be used in 2014? I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards
Simon & Patricia Casey

Congratulations on the baby!

Email the CEO, follow the tips in the Top 20 Tips for complaining. Look through their terms and conditions and see if you can catch them on anything. Follow advice in the post.

Please don’t forget to like my FB page and tweet out the link to here if you are on either if you have found this site helpful!

I am Waiting at Glasgow aiport on a delayedesayjet flight. One and a half hours late with the usual lame excuses. A crew member went sick the website tells us the notification was made 15 hours ago. They have well over 220 aircaft and about 2000 flight crew. Its ludicrous their arrogance is appaling. At least BA gives you info and a drunk Easyjetjust takes yor money and leaves you no choice. “So called” budget airlnes should be brought to book. Most delays are down to their own poor planning and operational ineptitude.

Make sure you complain when you return. It’s because people don’t that they continue like this!

My son was studying in Germany and was planning to visit Rome or Paris on his Spring holiday. He found a good rate on a flight to Rome with EasyJet. The website said the transaction did not go thru so he cancelled it. Since the website was having issues he looked into another carrier and made other plans for his holiday. He later received an email from Easy Jet with his flight confirmation. He contacted them and said the transaction did not go through and he had cancelled the booking but their response was “we’re a discount airline, we don’t give refunds”. He tried contacting them again but no response. We disputed with our credit card company but they say Easy Jet claims it is a valid charge. I wrote a letter to Easy Jet and sent to their customer service in London but it has been 6 weeks and no reply. My son got a very vague email that might have been from the letter saying someone would respond but has been over a month. We are not from the UK so not sure if there is any governing body that regulates airlines. I will into your tips for contacting the CEO and such to try and get a refund. I can’t believe a company would insist on charging a customer for a transaction their website said did not go through.

So long as you have evidence of not going through I’d discuss with the credit card company. Report to ATOL

Please see below which explains the issue we have as per my email to the CEO of Easyjet, she replied on a Sunday which I thought sounded hopeful. However read the email after with the reply from her colleague – would be very grateful if you can tell me if you think there is anymore I can do?
Thank you very much.

Hi Carolyn,

We are regular customers of Easyjet, and we have never been able to fault the service we have received from your company.

We have an apartment in Turkey which we also rent out, so we recommend you to our customers and use your company for our own flights.

Unfortunately our son-in -law was diagnosed with cancer last year. However he was told it was hoped it could be contained with drugs and he should carry on with a normal life. We all flew after that last summer with Easyjet with no problems.

Last year when you released the flights for this summer we booked our flights with you for our family party of seven people(including my daughter, son-in-law and two children) for August and paid in full in October.

However in June my son-in-law suddenly became very ill. He received treatment in hospital for 2 weeks and then came home to recuperate. He has recovered somewhat from June, but is not well enough to go on holiday abroad.

My son-in-laws condition was not covered by travel insurance, but we had hoped that from reading your small print if the family were unable to travel that they would be able to get a voucher for future travel.

However we now find that this is not the case. Hence we have tried to sell the flights but find that because we booked them when they first came out they are now very much more expensive, so for 4 people it will cost more than £800 extra to transfer them to someone else. We know that we can transfer my daughters family to another flight at a later date for a cost of £70 per person, but your flights only go up to March, and we have no idea whether they will be able to fly anywhere by that time. They certainly wouldn’t go to our apartment in Turkey, because the resort is not in operation until the holiday season in May.

I have advertised the flights and have had plenty of interest and could easily sell them if we only had to pay the £70 per person, but because of the difference in price between what we paid in October and now it is nigh on impossible.

You have had our money since October, if we transfer them to someone else you will get more money from the change and probably from them spending money on the flight, but because you make it so prohibitively expensive that is beginning to look unlikely.

I fail to understand how a company can make it so difficult for people when they hit hard times. No one would pay out so much money for flights and then make a decison to not use them lightly. My daughter and husband and children would love to still be having their holiday in Turkey, but have accepted (including the children, who are only 10 and 7) that it just can’t happen this year.

Please can you assist us by either allowing us to transfer them to someone else for a much lesser charge, or authorising your staff to give us a voucher towards flights next summer to Dalaman.

We feel you should do this as a goodwill gesture because we have been loyal customers of yours for years, and you will not be losing any money for the company by doing this. Please show that you actually care about your customers, and you are not just another company who are out to get whatever you can out of people regardless of circumstances.
The reply from Graeme Mccloud, Head of Customer Operations

Thank you for your email. Firstly I am sorry to hear that your son in-law is unwell and unable to travel and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery. As a result of this I understand that you wish to resell your flights but the cost has made this difficult to do.

Whilst we are a non-refundable airline we do recognise that peoples plans / circumstances change and provide some flexibility for this. When a change of name or flight is required there is a change fee and any difference in seat price that may prevail between the original flight and the price currently on sale.

We do have a narrow exception process to this policy and this relates directly to where a passenger / close relative has passed away and there is imminent travel involved (i.e. in the next few days) and we can provide assistance with repatriation of relatives who have existing travel arrangements with us. In this situation we either change the flight free of change fee’s, however the difference in seat price will still apply, or provide a refund for the value of the booking. For all other requests to change or cancel then the standard fee’s & charges apply.

Therefore I am afraid we will not be able to assist in reducing the cost of changing the names in the booking. I appreciate that this is a really difficult time for you all and not the answer you are looking for, however we try to be fair, transparent and consistent with all our customers and simply do not make exceptions as this would not be fair on other customers who may find themselves in a similar situation.

To be honest I can’t see much more you can do with your issue. If you had had travel insurance you would have been covered. You’ve gone straight to the top, written in good English and been very clear. In the case I dealt with,there were several issues. I can only suggest you read the post and pick out what you can from it, e.g. the line about profiteering from someone who has cancer! Use words like immoral! Threaten Social Media, link to my site if you like. It is going up in Google rankings as people search Easyjet complaints so the longer the list of comments the more bad PR they get. If they do you some good of course then say that you will come back and say you gained redress. Say that you have offerred a compromise and that whilst you understand they have to be consistent and transparent many other customers wouldn’t want the compromise of another flight because they wouldn’t be able to take it. My guess is though that they’d rather people didn’t know that they can be flexible and continue to treat people badly and make money. However, the longer this list the more wise people become. Consumer power and all that!

Oh and point out that there is no apostrophe in “fees”!

Forward the email you received to the CEO and express your disatisfaction with it.

The more I read of people’s problems with Easyjet the more I am surprised at my gaining redress! Although there were several issues it all amounts ot same thing, profiteering from illness which in my mind stinks.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Since I posted this, I have had another email asking me to contact another member of staff in the exec office to find a resolution, and we have indeed found a resolution. We are to get a voucher worth the full amount of the 4 flights, which we should use to book within 6 months and if we can’t do this it will be extended! I am absolutely amazed and extremely grateful to Easyjet. I spoke to a very nice lady who was so helpful and sympathetic, and following this experience I only have praise for Easyjet. These are extreme circumstances and they have shown real compassion. I am so glad I emailed the CEO and didn’t just accept the standard response from Customer Service.

Great to hear, glad advice about contacting CEO worked. It’s often all about picking somehting out of their t and c (here the exceptional circumstances) and often about going to the top. I’m glad you got it sorted, but if customer service staff were trained properly then one wouldn’t need to go to the CEO. So few people do or if they do don’t write properly (e.g. poor English, sarcastic etc.)

I took your advice and contacted the CEO of EasyJet in reference to their pricing policy. Let us see what happens.
Alla Krampen

Thanks for all the details, have not approved it all here as some was a little confusing. But good luck

Easy jet replied:
“I was sorry to hear of the issues you have been having with our pricing policy. We operate a dynamic pricing structure linked to availability of seats. This means that generally seat prices will increase as time passes. I am sorry that this was not the case for you.
I have issued a flight voucher for 92.09 CHF, the difference between the price you paid and the price in the screenshot you provided.”

So the issue was solved to full satisfaction and easyJet advises to contact them again if such issue recurs.

Thank you, Complaining Cow for the advice.

Yay! You’re welcome, if I’ve been helpful please join me on Facebook and share and tweet out the links to the blog!!

I had written twice to EasyJet hq, after a lengthy exchange of emails with their customer service department. EasyJet didn’t even reply to either letter, and I was resigned to giving up.
I used your link to email their CEO today, and received a reply to my full satisfaction this evening, with a full, albeit voucher refund. Result!
Thanks to your website.


Yay! That’s what we like to hear! Glad to be of service! If I have helped please tweet a link to the site, follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook! 😉 Thanks

I should change my name to “disgusted” as thats what i am regarding easyjet’s laughable customer service. Back in June my partner and I went to Majorca for a so called cheap few days in the sun. On the day we were due to return home we arrived at the airport to discover our flight was not just delayed but cancelled. we had to que up in stifling heat for 3 hours to reschedule our flights. Apparently the cancellation was due to french air traffic strike, even though we were not told this by easyjet advisers. The flights were greatfully rescheduled at no extra cost. Great you say…..not when it was 3 days later. We then had to que a further 4 hours to obtain accomodation for the extended stay. We were not offered any kind of refreshments whilst at the airport. We finally arrived at the hotel around 5am, tired and a little stressed. After a pleasant sleep we awoke at 11am to a call from reception to say we had to change hotels. (more hassle) The accomodation was paid for and so was breakfast but any further food purchased had to be paid for by ourselves and “claimed back” Ha..still trying to claim 3 months later. Transport was also only arranged to the hotel and not back to the airport on the saturday….more expense. We spent an extra 140 euros and lost 2 days pay at work due to the delay and all they offered was 57 euros for food…….LIVID!! is not severe enough ha ha.


I was stranded in London Luton in July and had to wait 4 hours for another plane to come in and take me and others to Geneva.
The ground staff said and even handed out a paper that stated that I was entitled to 2 phone calls, but they offered no phone. I had to go to public phone and then reclaim the money later, they said.
When I sent them my credit card bill, they wanted to reimburse me only for one call. I then replied via email, but have not gotten any reply since then from them, which was about 3 weeks ago now.
So what is the best thing to do to get my money?

Many thanks for any help, Richard

Write to the CEO – see link to CEO email addresses. She should be getting pretty annoyed with people emailing her complaints by now! perhaps they might improve their service! Send copy of the document that said you were entitled to the phone calls. have a good look through their terms and conditions on line for what they offer to do when there are delays. Use all this. Point out the ignorance in lack of response. Follow the tips here when writing.

Come back and let us know how you got on. Please follow me on Twitter and like my FB page. It’s all I ask for giving free advice! Thanks.

Hi, did send an email to the CEO and got the following reply
from a customer care rep:

Dear Mr Gisbert Meuter,

Thank you for contacting us.

I can go ahead and confirm the refund for $15.96 that was used
for makings phone calls to the same card used for making the
booking however if you could just confirm that I should process
this refund I will go ahead and process it via email and you will
receive this amount within 5 to 7 business working days hence do
send us the confirmation in order to process this amount.

Yours sincerely
Wyon Pinto easyJet Customer Services

So no mention of why they don’t want to refund the second phone
call. Will reply to reserve the right for legal action and tell him to go
ahead with the refund of the first call. Any other ideas?
Thanks, Richard

I can’t take on individual cases for free as they are very time consuming. All I can say is to ensure that you have laid out exactly the complaint and what happened with evidence and use the tips. Write again to CEO saying disgusted with reply.


here is Easyjet’s reply to my latest email to them. It paid off to write to the CEO, I think!

Dear Richard

Thank you for your e-mail to Carolyn. I have been asked to look into this and reply on her behalf.

I would like to apologise for the 4 hour and 21 minute delay of your flight 2051 from London Luton to Geneva on the 6th of August 2013. We aim to provide passengers with an efficient, punctual and reliable service, however, there are times where our schedule cannot operate as planned. Your flight was delayed due to a leak in the dynamic seal for the aircrafts nose landing gear. This is a technical fault that was within our reasonable control and as per EU Regulation 261/2004 you are entitled to EUR 250.00 compensation.

This has been processed onto your credit card ending 8213 used in the booking ELGSKSW and will take between 5 to 7 working days to be processed. I am also sorry that you feel our staff dealt with your situation in a robotic fashion. We have recently moved our Contact Centre to India and there are some training and cultural issues that we are working hard to address. I have forwarded a copy of your e-mail to our Contact Centre Managers so they can give attention to how this could have been dealt with more sympathetically. The information you were provided by our Customer Service agent was incorrect as you are entitled to two phone calls and this will be addressed accordingly.

In order to issue a refund for your phone calls, please send a reply to this e-mail with your phone bill attached clearly highlighting the calls made and I will issue the refund accordingly.

I hope this is to your satisfaction and wish you a pleasant day.

Best regards, Nils Executive Support

So thanks for having that website and best to you, Richard

Brilliant Song well done great sound

We also had a big big problem with Easyjet letter has been sent but still waiting fot a reply When you pay extra for a service Easyjet are offering but then you don’t received that service My Common sense tells me I should be given my money back logical I think so What do you think Di

See tips Yes if you have paid for a service and not received clear breach of Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Quote that!


got another airline issue.
Didn’t use the return flight with British Airways from Toronto back to London, due to getting married in the USA, which is where I now live.
Claimed the fees that went with the ticket, since that is the only thing I will get back and that is okay.
However, I don’t have the credit card anymore which I used to pay the flight with. It expired and I tossed it away, using new one’s now here in the USA. So how would BA refund me the money since normally they do it via the credit card used for buying the ticket? Plus they only have the last 4 digits of that card!
Have had already several emails back and forth and it seems like they have no procedure that caters for cases like that, although I have a hard time believing this is such a unique case.
Anyone got an idea what else I could do? Would a letter to the financial ombudsman help?

Many thanks Richard

Not sure why you should get a refund if no error made? If simply you didn’t want to use then you have no legal case for getting refund. The fees – not sure what fees but if they are saying that for goodwill then simply explain situation re credit cards there should be no problem.


I am not getting the whole ticket price back, just what BA would have paid in terms of airport tax, security tax and things like that. Most of the money for the ticket will be lost and is not the issue. Just around $50 to $80, but enough money for me to claim it.

best, Richard

Fair enough then advice as I gave above or below whatever happens with this stuff!

I had to change two return flights between Gatwick and Gibraltar. I did it online and was charged £35 for each flight, a total of £140. When I booked my new tickets I was also charged the difference between the original tickets and the new tickets. This meant, in effect, I was purchasing new tickets. Obviously, like everybody else, I had to tick the box accepting Easyjet’s terms and conditions. When I wrote to Easyjet to point out that their charges were excessive, the Marketing Director responded by saying that Easyjet had to make these charges in order to compensate for the loss they would incur when attempting to resell my original tickets. I wrote back to Carolyn McCall, the Chief Executive, pointing out that they couldn’t possibly make a loss because I had already purchased the original tickets and when they resold them, having six months to do so and boasting a load factor on their planes of 92%, the additional money they received would all be profit. I also pointed out that by making a change in the booking, rather than just abandoning the original booking without telling them and just ordering fresh tickets, I had given them the opportunity to resell the original tickets by telling them the original tickets were available for resale. This meant that Easyjet had my money for the original tickets, my money for the second lot of tickets and the profit from reselling my original tickets, which meant that I was paying a penalty in order for them to make a massive profit. I also pointed out that when I purchased the original tickets, I incurred had an admin fee of £6 which was included in the price of the tickets. When changing the tickets I had incurred an admin fee of £140, in addition to a further admin fee of £6 included in the price of the new tickets. Finally I pointed out that when somebody changes the booking, they have to pay the difference between the cost of the original tickets and the cost of the new tickets, whereas no refund is paid if the new tickets cost less than the original ones. I concluded by pointing out that despite ticking the acceptance of the terms and conditions box, under the Unfair Consumer Contract Regulations 1999 any contract has to be fair to both parties, which this contract certainly wasn’t and if it isn’t the contract becomes invalid. I informed Carolyn McCall that if Easyjet still refused to refund the unfair charges I wanted to attempt the alternative dispute resolution process before I considered court action. She responded by informing me that Easyjet would not be making any refund and was not a member of any resolution process. I therefore served a summons on Easyjet under under Section 8 of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. Although Easyjet acknowledged receipt of the summons they failed to respond to it within the legal time limits and the court awarded judgement to me. I strongly suspect that Easyjet were not prepared to fight the matter in court as they would probably have lost, thereby setting a precedent. It seems to me that all you have to do is issue a summons to let them know you are not frightened of them and they will pay up.

Premise of many of my complaints – so long as you threaten using the right language companies pay up. If people don’t know their legal rights it is too easy for companies to fob people off.

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