All you need to know about booking/complaining about holidays/flights/travel

Links to information, consumer rights and advice on complaining effectively regarding most problems with holidays and flights

Look out timber frame on a beach "researching, booking and complaining aabout holidays and flights. Tips, ideas and your rights"


Make sure your holiday in the sun doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket advice on how to book a holiday and your legal rights

Don’t get blue this Monday, get away from it all… Money bloggers look at lots of ways to beat the holiday companies and save money when booking holidays

How to prevent problems when booking a holiday let (plus what to do when things go wrong)

The essential knowhow regarding medical care when you book a holiday! all about health

How to complain when booking a service based in the EU booking on a non UK but within EU site


How not to be ripped off by a hotel your rights when you have a bad stay

Where there’s blame there’s a claim (even when there isn’t?) details on complaining about food poisoning real and fake

Your rights when your hotel overbooks your rights and what to do

The ultimate guide to complaining when eating out your rights when booking and eating out


The Minimalist Guide to Complain your consumer rights, ATOL and ABTA

Not got the holiday you booked? What to do good example of misrepresentation and not supplying what you paid for, getting nearly  a full refund even when not an ABTA member!

How to Get an Extra 3 Hours on Your Holiday! story about transfers

All you need to know about the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements 2018 all your rights

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Flight delays

What to do when your flight is delayed – the full guide all you need for complaining, your rights, what to do and how to do it.

Landing in court with Ryanair Summer of 2018 and strikes what was/is happening and what you can do if Ryanair doesn’t pay up with warnings about the ADR process.

What to do when your flight is delayed information regarding flight delays

BA powercut debacle: Airline keeps passengers in the dark about their rights 2017 B/H over 70k passengers affected, article on the mis informationa nd lack of information provided and what you should do.

Airline claim compensation letter template for use with any airline plus all the amounts to which you are entitled depending on length of delay and length of flight

ECJ ruling on flight delays: Consumer champion warns against third-party claim firms – do it yourself to get 100%

Other flight issues

BA flies in the face of consumer law and decency what to do if you bought your tickets before free food change and fly after the date comes into force!

Plane greedy – Are airlines holding families to ransom? – details on the main airlines and their charges including Ryanair which has mandatory charge, looking at inaction of regulatory body

How to Win When EasyJet’s Customer Service Fails helping someone get refund when had to return early

Flying in the face of poor customer service other things can go wrong with a flight, not getting what you paid for, poor customer service etc. Here’s a story and what you can do to get redress.

Monarch – Everything you need to know details about situation with airline going into administration

Other forms of travel

Rail your rights with cancellations and delays

Your rights and how to complain about ferries and cruises

All you need to know about complaining about car hire – how to prevent problems and what to do if you get them

Other related holiday and flight legal rights

How to ensure banks don’t break the Misrepresentation Act – regarding travel money and commission when taking money back

Quick guide to lost luggage – your rights

All you need to know about roaming charges your rights and what you can complain about

How not to pay a charge made after transaction (and why!) not – template letter and further information for if you have been charged a fee after booking

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 for services relating to any purchase or service

Further help for complaining effectively

Top 20 Tips for complaining effectively for contact details for CEOS

From October 1st 2016 airlines are covered by The Consumer Rights Act 2015

How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!

For more advice, tips, information and template letters covering holidays and more: GET THE BOOK! How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS!












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7 thoughts on “All you need to know about booking/complaining about holidays/flights/travel”

  1. Good afternoon

    This case may be of interest; I haven’t found anything similar on the Complaining Cow site.

    Earlier this month I applied to “Optiontown” (a company based in the USA working “in partnership with Vietnam Airlines”) for a Premium Economy upgrade to an Economy flight from Hanoi to London – at (to quote the Airline/Optiontown website) a “nominal” fee and “a fraction of the normal price”. I gave my credit card details, but wasn’t informed we had been granted the upgrade until we checked in, nor have I at any stage been told its cost. On receipt of my credit card statement I found I had been charged £300 per person – meaning I paid 60% in total more (including my original booking cost) than the usual Premium Economy flight cost at this time in the season. Optiontown have refused any refund, on the basis that we got the upgrade.

    It seems unfair and deceptive to hide the true cost of the upgrade. My Oxford English Dictionary tells me that “nominal” means “virtually nothing”, and at no stage did I authorise Optiontown to take £600 (for 2 people) from my credit card. I would not have tried to book the upgrade had the word “nominal” not been used in their advertisement. Should Optiontown be pressed further to give a refund? And/or might a claim against the credit card provider be an appropriate way forward?

    Thanks for reading this.

    1. Similar is on the site, however, EU or UK law would apply. In this instance you purchased an item outside of the EU so USA law applies. Obviously it is hard enough to keep on top of UK consumer law never mind USA! I would suggest that you contact your credit card company and ask their advice on partial refund under Section 75.

      1. Many thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve actually found on the Optiontown website that: “Outside of North America, our international operations are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Our other group companies and offices are located in India, and United Kingdom…….”
        With some of the company “headquartered” in Dublin, and other parts in the UK, might this make a difference to the approach I take – i.e. in relation to its obligations under EU law?

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